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Training riders

The formative concept of VDC also includes the individual formation of horsemen with their own horse. The main objective is to increase the competitiveness in order to attain sport successes. This includes not only the improvement of horsemanship techniques, but also the necessary mental understanding to motivate the horse with effectiveness. This ability is imparted under the careful direction of José Luis Valdés. Some successful competition horsemen take advantage of this service of VDC in a continuous way, since the excellent equipment of the facilities and the careful attention of the VDC team allow not only to enjoy the brief courses, but also the permanent and relaxed stay for horses and riders

After receiving several queries and requests on this matter, VDC is now offering a special service to foreign horsemen: the possibility to enjoy a stay for long lasting training with their own horse. This will allow them to improve effectively their performance and the harmony between horse and horseman. During the stay, VDC organizes and also oversees the corresponding participation in competitions in order to test the performance results obtained. This offer is mainly intended to ambitious horsemen who cannot find this type of service available in their countries.

The customer can freely choose the duration of the training stay, which may vary in extension from a specific preparation of a tournament during several days, to a seasonal stay of several months of duration. Obviously, the team of VDC also provides accommodation for the customers. Their horses will be given too accommodation and an exclusive attention in the blocks of the centre VDC, which are wonderfully equipped. For more detailed information on prices and other particulars, you may contact José Luis Valdés. The team of VDC will be delighted to contact you.       

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We have available all the necessary facilities to carry out the preparation of horsemen at all levels.

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