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Villarejo Del Conde stud, taking advantage of its facilities and environment, offers its customers the possibility to celebrate different events.

We have the necessary facilities that allow different ways of celebrating special events such as weddings, communions, congresses, seminars and any other celebration that requires a special atmosphere in a natural country environment, both comfortable and fashionable.

The exclusive reservation of an event per day, guarantees the privacy and essential intimacy for its celebration.

We have a wide terrace, living room for 400 guests, yard, parking, etc.

We offer maximum professionalism in the organization of any event, facilitating the recruiting of the catering service, orchestras, rental of cars, buses or any other necessary detail to guarantee your satisfaction.

For the celebration of congresses, company meetings or conventions, we also offer the possibility to hire equestrian shows and other activities that allow relaxing moments for your guests, which guarantees a lovely day at our facilities. 

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