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Horse training

Only the horse that feels comfortable can offer a high-performance!

The Trainer:

The formula of the success of VDC centre is mainly based on a solid formation following the principles of dressage under the direction of José Luis Valdés.

University expert in equestrian formation, he acquired his equestrian knowledge from famous trainers such as Álvaro Domecq y Diez, José Gutiérrez (REAAE), Manuel Vidrié, Augusto Colastra, Klaus Balkenhol, etc. José Luis Valdés is also the Director of the area of dressage of the UNED. (Spanish university)

Many of the horsemen and horses he has trained have been successful in dressage, reaching high levels according to their expectations. 

Our priority is the training and stimulation of each horse in an individual and meticulous way. Depending on their capacity and training level, each horse receives a specific and success-oriented training with the aim of presenting it in shows, from the championships for young promises until the Grand-Prix. Qualified horsemen and the VDC professional staff guarantee an optimum attention under the direction of José Luis Valdés.

Some modern facilities with pastures and cares of maximum quality complement the global concept of the centre. The horses of VDC not only demonstrate their quality through the purity of their blood or their impressive presence, but mainly for their excellent equestrian features. In this way, it is not surprising that the horses of VDC obtain prizes in the horse sport with great regularity.